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Women – Key Contributors to Our Success


Human Resources

"A woman’s life changes in every few years, and so does her career. In all my ups and down, one thing that remained constant was HERO’s care for me as an employee."says Deepshikha.

It was chilling January of year 2004. I still remember the day when my name was announced in the selected list of candidates for HERO. All my college friends were excited about my placement and I was absolutely blank…It was a dream come true! Got placed in the World’s Number 1 Two Wheeler Company. I was almost a kid joining this big organization where everyone seemed expert and gurus in their field. Since the day I joined, Hero has given me lot of opportunities in terms of learning and development, showcasing my talent in varied fields.
It is because of the organization I turned my career from a fresh engineering graduate to an HR professional. In the past 11 years, I followed 2 years of my career in Production and was then moved to HR. It happened for the first time that a position was created for Technical Training where an engineer with a few years of experience was encouraged to look from an HR point of view as to what all skills, knowledge and kind of environment did our engineers look for? Since then, I have never looked back. My exposure to a wide range of work areas has helped me understand holistically the need and motivational drive of our employees. I have grown both at professional and personal level.

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Service Learning

"The Flexi work hours at HERO gives me a good work-life balance."
Hero allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, after delivering a baby it was tough for me to continue my job.

In that critical phase of my life company supported me and transferred me from Dharuhera Plant to Pune Office (my home location) on my request. I work at Service Learning, which supports to field service to train the channel partner’s manpower. We plan the training batches considering the availability and requirement of trained manpower in field. This role in Learning always keeps me upgraded in technical aspects & refreshes my knowledge. Entire range of hero products is covered under different training program. This training module contains theory as well as practical demonstration and hands on practice of candidate. Also we support Territory Service Manager to resolve field complaints by providing them technical support.
Though this is quite male dominant function, but it never became apparent for me and I am working comfortably with support of my colleagues.

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Heroes Speak

Every day, we at Hero realize our dream of becoming bigger and better. The beauty of working at Hero is that it offers both; challenges that enable one to unleash their full potential as well as a family like environment that is conducive to personal development, great performance, creative thinking and innovation.




Hero MotoCorp is a great place to work because as organisation it provides you with great freedom and independence to work. Also your bosses act as your mentors, which is a major contributor in employee's personal development.

In Hero you can switch your role if you feel interested is in some other department and the company absolutely supports your decision.
As an organization, Hero provides a lot of freedom and independence to work. We don’t have bosses here, we have mentors. This has been the major contributor in my personal development.

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I love working with HERO because " I have freedom to choose what I want to do". Here at HERO I don't have to fear to challenge the status quo. irrespective of the hierarchical difference.

You can keep experimenting on what you believe in, no matter if its a failure or a success, effort that goes in is what people recognize and award. I love this place because its the right mix of environment which bolstered me in finding what I'm really good at and hone my skills in things I lack. HMCL ecosystem constantly reminds me of a family working on a common goal of internal as well as an overall economic prosperity and I'm really grateful to be a part of this on-going journey during which it taught me the importance of social values and self-belief.

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I am working with Hero MotoCorp in Operations since October 2009. Hero has made me believe that:"When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves."

Hero has been wonderful to me, for that matter little more than that. I learnt here to be responsible, strong and committed to a cause; through purposeful learning &development interventions.

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