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Re: Complaint About New Maestro

Postby contact2pradeeptanwar » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:36 pm

My name is Pradeep and my sister owns a Hero maestro which I bought her on Raksh Bhanban (7th Aug, 2017). Over the many similar vehicle I chose Hero Maestro assuming this would be the best Raksha Bhandan gift to my Sister. I`m writing this to bring in to the notice of Management that we have experienced the worst service from “Jaya Hero Automobile” “the Dealer” situated in Bhiwani (Haryana).
The day we bought this vehicle, we got introduced to great pain and agony. Since day one there is some issue with the vehicle and it doesn’t start in the morning. When we highlighted this issue to the dealer they simply said that we have checked it and there is nothing we can do. Every time they ask my father and sister to visit service center and then the same thing happens on the very next morning. I stay in Gurugram and its not possible for me to go there and my father is a heart patient who could not sit there for a long time and a s a last resort my sister had to wait till 7 pm couple of times and she reported to me that she also got some harassment and unappropriated comments from the employees working in the service center. This is very disheartening.
After multiple request thy agreed to change the battery but still the problem continues. I wish that I never had given this gift you my sister which she criticizes on every day specially in the morning. I`m writing this to you as a last ray of hope and assume that you will take an immediate action and replace this faulty vehicle and take some serious actions on the dealer as this is impacting the brand image of Hero.

Details of the Vehicle:
Owner Name: Babita Tanwar
Reg, no: HR ACE (T) 0936
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