Educate to empower

Education Leads to Empowerment

Not only for individual but for the society and economy at large. Our pledge for E2 is to support education, knowledge sharing and skill development.

About E2

'Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world,' said Nelson Mandela. It is in fact a 'social vaccine' that benefits not only the individual being educated but also the entire community and the country as a whole.

Through E2, Team Hero aims to holistically tackle deep-seated issues within India’s education system. Whether it is about increasing enrolment in schools or facilitating higher attendance, the programme seeks to look beyond the obvious symptoms and find long-term solutions. It focuses as much on improving school infrastructure as on finding innovative solutions to improve quality of education and learning outcomes. The programme also encourages development of life skills as well as technical skills, ensuring employability of its beneficiaries.

E2 initiatives
  • Education resources mobilisation
  • Care for Science Education
  • Care for Children

  • Care for
    Career and Talent
  • Care for Education

Education resources mobilisation

Team Hero runs regular drives to collect books, stationery and other education resources and distribute them among needy children. A part of the CSR spends also goes towards buying essential 'interactive' education material for programme beneficiaries like school bags. Employees also participate in this initiatives and give their contributions by giving books during our Book collection drive which we then give to needy students.

Mobile Science Lab with Agastya Foundation

Seeing the success of our mobile science labs that are constantly providing practical science lessons to government schools, this FY we have introduced an extension of the same on motorcycles.

The science lab on motorcycles will reach schools in the remote areas where the van had difficulty in reaching. The labs on motorcycles will cover areas in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, and carries hands-on models covering wide range of topics in physics, chemistry and biology.

In totality, four mobile science vans, a science center and eight motorcycle labs are making science practical's accessible for students of 68 schools and provided more than 1.0 Lakh engagement / exposures to students.

Life-skills development,Remedial Classes and school enrolment

Care for children is our support to the national effort for achieving 'Education For All' (EFA) and the progressive elimination of child labour are inextricably linked. On the one hand, education is a key element in the prevention of child labour as children with no access to quality education have little alternative but to enter the labour market. On the other hand, child labour and child trafficking is one of the main obstacles to 'education for all', as children who are working and unprotected cannot go to school.

In an effort to do our bit towards resolving a part of this problem, we are working with more than 34,000 children across the country.

Life Skills Development of Children
The interventions are simple but can make all the difference. We motivate the families, create awareness around the ills of child labour and child marriage. Also make them aware about importance of hygiene, health and education. We also facilitate for child immunization.

Out Of School Children
This program focuses on mainstreaming of out of school children in their age-appropriate grade through a Step- wise learning in 11-month's period of time.

Remedial Classes for Children
Education and personality development centres are providing remedial classes to children specially girls, we ensure that girls do not drop out of schools due to community pressure and other socioeconomic challenges that they face on an everyday basis, a support was also extended to 60 College going girls on spoken English and Computer literacy for bettering their job prospect.

Care and Protection of Children
Care and Protection of Survivors of Trafficking and Forced Labour is designed to provide immediate care and protection to the rescued children on the order of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) until their repatriation with parents or legal guardians after completion of legal procedures. More than 378 children rescued and 204 were sent to their home.

Supporting Orphaned Children
100 orphaned /abandoned children and 20 parentless / destitute children from 2 family homes are being supported for education, health, nutrition and holistic development, through this support every child will enjoy their fundamental right; Right to participate, Right to development, Right to protection and Right to Survival.

Career EduConnect

The programme provides career counselling and guidance facilities to students, so that they can understand what career they may choose from, that would help them not only to do well but excel in the chosen career. It has benefitted more than 30,000 students of 5 states covering 200+ schools. Seeing the success of the program, it was also extended to Army Public schools.

Hero Talent search program involved, identification of students from government schools who are devoid of coaching opportunities due to their socioeconomic backgrounds, by taking a screening test and interview, with certain qualifying marks as a selection criteria, 231 talented students from 23 government schools were given coaching facility, which was guided by a team of talented professionals.

Educational Infrastructure

The project is focused on creating an enabling, encouraging and motivating education environment at schools. Our support is helping more than 2.4 lakh students, with better infrastructure facility, nutritious meal and healthier ecosystem, which has helped in improving the quality of education to a significant level.

Building necessary infrastructure
It's all about starting from scratch - Improving the building itself by complete renovation and painting work, constructing new classrooms & playgrounds, providing adequate sanitation, hand washing and drinking water facilities, providing necessary furniture as well as basic resources like schoolbags, stationeries and books, and so on. At several schools, we have even set up solar power plants, built libraries, science and computer laboratories, also created adequate spaces for children to eat their mid-day meal. The outcomes of these little interventions is the fact that most schools see hundred per cent attendance, zero dropout rate and interestingly increased attendance rate of teachers as well. Several people in the vicinity of these schools are withdrawing their children from private schools to get them admitted to modernized government schools.

Digital Intervention
This year we took a small step ahead from traditional education interventions by introducing digital technology for learning improvements at 120 government schools by providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lab, Tab labs and Smart Class room facility.

This intervention has helped more than 39,000 children, getting an access to engaging and entertaining audio-visual content, these digital tools are helping teachers in simplifying difficult lessons and it has also helped in clearing the basic concept of students. The students in higher classes are also undergoing career counselling under this project.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme
The major objective of this scheme is to help improve the effectiveness of primary and upper primary education by improving nutritional status of children. More than 21 Lakh meals in 145 schools, have benefitted 10,385 students. This has helped in attracting students from disadvantaged sections to schools, improved their regularity and increased overall nutritional benefits for school children.

Scholarship to Students
To encourage bright girl students, academic excellence awards are given to support their higher education.