Educate to empower

About Hamari Pari and E2

The fundamental objectives of our empowerment focused initiatives are to instil  sense of confidence, provide fundamental education, adequate knowledge as well as skills that make one independent, self-reliant as also a conscious decision maker and a proud citizen.

Our multiple interventions focused at empowerment are focused at strengthening the fundamental education ecosystem and providing women and youth employability and livelihood centric skills. The beneficiaries of all our programmes primarily come from poor and marginalized backgrounds and thousands of them have already broken the barrier of poverty, have a better socio-economic status and live a dignified life with promising future.


Project Shiksha 3.5 Lakh + students being supported

20000 + Women Empowered through various projects

20000 + People trained through our skill development program Jeevika

Hamari Pari and E2 initiatives

Education resources mobilisation

During last two decades, major emphasis has been given by the Govt. of India on improving school environment by different educational programmes that may help in improving academic performance as well as life skills of students. Our education focused projects are complementing the government’s efforts to ensure barrier free access to education.

The outcomes of these little interventions are the fact that most schools see hundred per cent attendance, zero dropout rate and interestingly increased attendance rate of teachers as well. Several people in the vicinity of these schools are withdrawing their children from private schools to get them admitted to modernized government schools.

School infrastructure
Starting from separate toilets for boys and girls; safe and adequate drinking water facilities to all children; a kitchen where mid-day meal is cooked in the school; playground; arrangements for securing the school building by boundary wall or fencing as well as building libraries and laboratories as also providing necessary furniture.

Mobile science labs
Our Mobile Science Labs (MSL) are constantly providing practical science lessons to government schools and as an extension of MSL, science lab on motorcycles called the Lab on Bike (LoB) are reaching schools in the remote areas of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, and carry hands-on models covering wide range of topics in physics, chemistry and biology.

Improving academic performance – remedial education and support to talented students
Our partner organizations conduct remedial classes for students who cannot cope with the demands of the curriculum. These classes are helping students learn better and improve their performance across subjects. Likewise, through our remedial centres, we ensure that girls do not drop out of schools due to community pressure and other socioeconomic challenges that they face on an everyday basis.

Additionally, Hero Talent Search project focuses on supporting government school students who score more than 60 per cent in academics and have a potential to do better if they receive extra classes. The project started as a pilot in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and now supports hundreds of students who enthusiastically attended classes on weekends and understand basic concepts that were not clear to them in school.

Career guidance
Children need guidance, mentorship as well as consistent assessment of their passions and interests so that they can channelize their energy towards a choice that can help them better in their respective fields. EduConnect is an initiative to spread education awareness among students. The initiative covers all students of Class 9 to Class 10 from selected schools in the project districts by providing them with knowledge of all opportunities they can pursue in their educational and professional lives.

Digital interventions
The project had been launched in schools of Alwar, Gurugram and Rewari by providing ICT lab, Tab Lab and Smart Class facility. The idea of the intervention is to introduce children to engaging and entertaining audio-visual content, based on their existing English and Mathematics curriculum, which is making learning fun for young students.

The labs with tablets loaded with focused content have been created for schools while other schools have got smart classrooms wherein a large LED screens is engaging students. Interesting feature of these digital tools is that, they are helping teachers by simplifying difficult lessons and clearing basic concepts of students.

Health & nutrition at schools
The focus of our midday meal project is to provide better nutritional standing for school-going children. Primarily the programme supplies free lunches to children in primary and upper primary classes in government schools.

A special focus is also given to hygiene practices especially on inculcating the handwashing habit amongst young children.

Mobile Science Lab with Agastya Foundation

One of the objectives of women focused projects is to empower women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors so that they gradually become essential stakeholders in building stronger economies. The idea behind such interventions is also to achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for communities.

Two-wheeler riding training - Ek Pahal
This is a unique project focused at empowering women by enabling their independent mobility and breaking the stereotype belief in rural India that two-wheelers are only for men. The idea is to train women in riding two-wheelers so that they are not dependent on others for their commute.

Empowering women cops - Sakhi
This initiative to empower Women in India, Project Sakhi was launched in association with the police departments of states. The idea is to empower women cops by providing them two-wheelers in order to increase their independent mobility. Women cops are generally dependent on their male counterparts with vehicles if they have to reach incident/accident spots or when responding to distress calls.

Self-help groups
With the primary objective of empowering the women across communities and to initiate a joint community action, we facilitated the formation of women self-help groups (SHGs) in the rural villages. The core activities undertaken by the groups are savings, internal loaning, right-based social action and entrepreneurship, etc.

These SHGs have been instrumental in bringing positive social-economic change in the lives of the women and a community as a whole.

Entrepreneurship & Employability   skills - Jeevika
A special focus is on training programmes that equip women to become employable or entrepreneurs who can earn their own livelihood. The courses includes tailoring, beautician, hospitality and so on and also include important lessons on self-motivation, personal grooming and growth. Majority of beneficiaries of all the project components are from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds and technical and entrepreneurial skills being provided through all interventions under Jeevika are the first step towards making them financially independent and uplifting their standard of living.

A unique project for empowering women is being implemented in association with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Haryana.

The project is focused on providing information about entrepreneurship opportunities to women residing in rural hinterlands. They are not only being taught about setting up business start-ups but also being educated on  women’s economic rights, so that they can exercise their choice and challenge discriminatory practices.

Life-skills development,Remedial Classes and school enrolment

Apart from projects focused at skilling women through short-term courses, we also support students pursuing professional certificate programmes. Currently, the support is being rendered to institutes that make youth employable in various technical trades in automotive, retail, insurance and banking sector.

Centre of Excellence Centres - Technical Skill Development
The objective of establishing these centres is to build key skill-set amongst youngsters for enhancing their employment opportunities in automotive industry.

These state of art centres are equipped with fully automated workshop; Pneumatic Tools, Precision equipment, live cut sections of various Hero Engines and other parts and is supported by trained faculty for undertaking two-wheeler technician training program.

Skills for specially-abled individuals 
In association with our partners, we make special efforts in skilling specially-abled individuals in trades that ensure placement. In the last few years, hundreds of individuals with various physical challenges including blindness, hearing and speech impairment and other such disabilities have been skilled and are gainfully employed.

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