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Vijayendra Vikram Singh

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Vijayendra Vikram Singh has been about cars and bikes since he first started recognising shapes. Born in India, he discovered auto magazines in his early teens and went on to become an automobile journalist in spite of having a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a promising career with Microsoft.

Vijay started his writing career with OVERDRIVE, India’s premier automobile magazine in 2005. Over a course of five years with the magazine, he tried his hands on road tests, features, travelogues, vehicle testing and handling of regular sections there.

Then came TopGear Malaysia where he served as the Associate Editor and also contributed to and ON THE ROAD Magazine.

Although he loves cars, the big ones, he remains a biker at heart and loves to ride to the horizon and alone most of the time. He also done some really long trips across India on both superbikes as well as domestic small capacity bikes. Apart from that, he has a an eye for latest gadgets, blockbusters and a never ending fetish for clothes.