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Bathing helps

I have faced shock and awe from my building's manager, security guards and others when I tell them that I don't want anyone washing my motorcycle. They think I'm crazy and deluded when I tell them that I will doing it myself. 'Par aap ton Saab hai!' Is something I've heard way too often and I don't take that seriously. They think I'm being possessive about my ride or untrustworthy about the guys who wash the bikes regularly in the parking. Let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with bathing your own motorcycle. Here are some of my top reasons for bathing my motorcycle all by myself.

1. You will get a closer, zoomed-in look at the interior organs of your motorcycle. You can spot your first crack, rusted nuts or even paint damages. Also, check on the tires regularly. You never know when you can spot something that shouldn't be there.

2. You will get to give your motorcycle a really clean wash. Ever seen how the guys who wash all the bikes in the parking wash them? Ever seen the black greasy bucket of water they use for twenty bikes a day? You, on the other hand will ensure the water is clean, the shampoo is extra special and the drying routine is perfect.

3. You will spend that extra time digging your fingers into the gaps and getting out that grime. You will ensure your motorcycle doesn't end up as the graveyard for all those bugs who hit you and died on the highway. Thanks to you they will rest in peace.

4. You will find that this bathing routine is a really intimate experience with your motorcycle. It is extremely therapeutic and relaxing too.

5. When you take pics next, your motorcycle will shine alongside the one you have on your face from that breakfast ride.

So, get down to it, spend quality time with your significant other and give her a bath.


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