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Community Development

Hero MotoCorp “We Care”CSR initiative is all about “Caring for Humanity” and we believe in living up to that at every step. We regularly undertake meaningful initiatives which helps in enriching the lives of marginalized community in meeting their current needs and also prepare the future generation to meet their needs in future by running sustainable programs.

We have touched almost 2,00,000​ +​ people in various walks of life across India. Some of the programs include:

Project Community Engagement:

  1. With a development approach, Team Hero befriends an entire village community under this project and assists in all possible ways to make them self-reliant, improve their wages, and fulfil their dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

    Some of the engagement activities that we carry out with our active non-profit partners in the hinterlands include engaging with women and skilling them in Tie-and-Dye techniques, Detergent making, Tailoring, sanitary napkin making, Beautician courses, etc. – a skilful task that can add to their regular earnings.

  2. Project Jeevika: While we engage with younger girls for their education, we also focus on skilling the older ones in the community to make them financially and mentally independent.

    The project focuses on providing livelihood and skills training to over 1,000 youth mainly girls and women from marginalized socioeconomic backgrounds. The training programmes equip them to become auto mechanics (very much a male bastion until recent times), computer operators, tailors, beauticians, and so on. Over 60 per cent of the girls from the first batch have already either got jobs or become entrepreneurs with substantial monthly earnings.

  3. Employee Volunteerism
    The idea of individual social responsibility drives our employee to contribute to company’s committed CSR programs.Employee contribute significantly in all the CSR projects which helps towards maintain the community well being in & around area of operation.

Project Arogya:

The project focuses on providing health care facility to the most vulnerable section of society in which we carry out activities which ensure well being of community in all aspect

  1. Mobile Medical Van: in Delhi, Dharuhera in Haryana, Neemrana in Rajasthan and Halol in Gujarat is benefitting more than 54,000 poor people by providing medical assistance, basic treatment as well as medication. In addition, Mobile Eye Check-up Van was also launched in Delhi

  2. Eye Care Camps: "Thanks to Hero, I can once again see my children, my dear ones, and this beautiful world" –following a major cataract surgery at one of our camps.
  3. General Health Care Camps: A team of professional medical practitioner’s camp at our beneficiary villages on fixed days throughout the year. Over the years, these camps have helped in preventing several serious illnesses among communities by detecting them at early stages and recommending preventive measures.
  4. General Camps: We undertake camp which focus on ancient practice which ensure well being of entire community on long term basis by conducting Yoga camp. Home safety,fire safety camp,first responder training which ensure community safety in case of any emergency situation.
  5. Running Winter Night Rescue Van: It is a known fact that hundreds of homeless workers and migrant labourers are Vulnerable to extreme cold that Delhi witnesses every year. Many of these people reportedly die due to the cold wave of winters. In an effort to rescue such people and provide them with bare minimum comfort that can save their lives, a van loaded with winter clothes reaches out to hundreds of needy and homeless on Delhi’s roads. The van also ferries sufferers of winter chill to night shelters.

    As per the officials, the van has played a significant role in preventing deaths due to cold wave in the last two years of its operations. Yoga awareness Session is organized on regular basis as it helps the community to have wellbeing of individual.
  6. Guidance on Animals Welfare and Farm Management: Considering village communities, they are largely dependent on the cattle and livestock, Team CSR conducts regular health camps. The team also organizes awareness programmes for the owners of the livestock so that they can take better care of their animals & also obtain better yield from them.

    Likewise, workshops are held for farmers to understand innovations, technological advancements as well as best practices that can help them in yielding better produce in their respective farms.
  7. Project Aarush: The ever increasing demand for electricity in the rural, semi-rural and urban areas can only be satisfied sustainably through Renewable Energy Power systems. Therefore we as a responsible corporate have come forward and installed 6,265 Solar Street lights benefitting 2,44,351 people in 73 villages at Jaipur, Neemrana, Dharuhera, Gurgaon and Haridwar location. Further, 1,44,722 people in 47 villages at Pali district in Rajasthan were also benefitted though such installations i.e. a total of 120 villages lit with green energy.

    We also installed 50,770 LED Bulbs in 26 villages benefitting 12,727 households and saving 1.03 Crore unit per year.

    The better illumination on the streets of theses villages has ensured safety and security in the areas. It has helped business to extend the much needed work hours thereby bringing prosperity to the populace and socio economic development of the area.