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Sabse Do Kadam Aagey

Destini 125

Hero Destini 125 is here. India’s first family scooter, with revolutionary i3s Technology. Its Idle-Stop-Start System automatically shuts off the engine when at idle, delivering convenience and great mileage. Powered by a 125cc energy boost engine and distinguished by an elegant metallic body, Hero Destini 125 is the perfect combination of technology, performance and style.

Power Do Kadam Aagey

All New 125cc Energy Boost Engine


Technology Do Kadam Aagey

features Do Kadam Aagey

comfort Do Kadam Aagey

style Do Kadam Aagey


  • Noble Red

  • Panther Black

  • Pearl Silver White

  • Chestnut Bronze


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Technology Do Kadam Aagey

  • Revolutionary i3s Technology

  • Digital Analog Combo Meter Console

  • Service Reminder

features Do Kadam Aagey

  • External Fuel Filing

  • Combination Lock

  • Mobile Charging Port and Boot Light

  • Integrated Braking

  • Always Headlamp On

  • Side Stand Indicator

  • Tubeless Tyres

comfort Do Kadam Aagey

  • Telescopic Front Suspension

style Do Kadam Aagey

  • Chrome Brow

  • Body Colored Mirrors

  • Elegant Metal Body

  • Signature Tail Lamp