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Need a help...

Postby aathifm91 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:33 pm

Hello i'm Aathif from Sri lanka.

I have small problem in my new bike which it gets stops in heavy rain. (Hero Hunk 2016) this problem happen to me two times and then i took it for HH service center and then they told me that the air suction valve is to long and they cut it. After that they told me it won't happen again. So i thought the problem is over and after 2 weeks when i was traveling to home from office it was rainy day and drive my bike for around 3km suddenly the same issue occurred and after 2-3 min it started and i went home.

The next following day i took it for HH service center and told the issue then they told me that they have to chk each and every wiring carb the valve and let me know so i handover the bike to them. After 2 hours the informed me that the switch in side the bike are not fixed properly (loosen) and the water have gone between them and that's why it happens this was the reply they gave me.

After that they handover the bike to me after fixing the issue. Waiting for a rainy day to see it happens again. Because after i pick my bike from HH service center completing first service it rain heavily but the bike didn't stop. Also after 2 weeks from my first service while i'm coming home it was a rainy day the road was dark and there were no street lights so i drive it around 30 - 35 speed suddenly i didn't notice the road was flooded with water around 2 inch so the water gets splashed. So this might be the reason the water gets in from the valve ? I want to know why it happens ? is this a small issue or serious issue ?

Waiting for your reply.....

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