Respected Papaji, 

Wishing you a very happy birthday.  You continue to be an inspiration for all of us. I can never forget the all priceless happy moments that you blessed me with within your lifetime. Your memories will always be with me as long as I live. I always remember one sentence which  you often told  me "jhalli  hai tu". Once again Happy Birthday Papaji.  We all miss you forever. 🕉️🌹🙏

Aunty Chow

Not a day passes by that you don’t cross our mind.
Not all of you departed when you left our earth behind.
In our heart there is a place that only you can hold.
Filled with loving memories more priceless than gold.
We know that you still look over us so please know this is true,
that everything we are today, is all because of you.
You will live in our hearts forever........

Rakesh Vasisht

"It has been my good fortune to have received blessings from our Chairman Emeritus sir and his family at the time of my birth. I have had the privilege of meeting him as a child and I am very grateful that today I too am part of the Hero family created by him. It is indeed heartwarming for me to know that his teachings have been passed down to my parents and me and I hope carry them during the course of my life."

Nandini Jhunjhunwala, Raghuvir Motor Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Shri Brijmohan Lall Munjal Ji was the chief guest at the inauguration of our dealership Kumar Motors in 2011. He asked us about our father Parmanand Ji who was ill and admitted in the hospital. He expressed his desire to visit him and check on his well-being.

We accompanied him to the hospital where this photo was taken. We were touched by his kindness and compassion. He will always remain in our hearts.

"Jayant Shah Jayshree Shah Kumar Motors"

“Whenever we met and I would bend down to touch his feet, he would thump my back firmly, smile warmly and hold my arm tightly until he had finished his conversation with whoever he was talking to. Then I would have his undivided attention. He did this with everyone. I remember clearly that every meeting used to start with an introduction of new members to the Hero family where he used to express his joy, like a patron, of seeing new members joining the extended family. If there was a dealer training program going on in or around Delhi, he would come unannounced and surprise us. He would always look for opportunities to meet the dealers and tell us say how happy he was to meet us.”

Nikhil Chawla- CenturyBikes, Vadodra

We remember our Chairman Emeritus on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary, my memories lane with our Chairman Emeritus sir will not be forgotten forever a very humble and loving person, I was a very small person, I give the credit to our Chairman Emeritus had change my life on 30th May 2001 my showroom was inaugurated by Chairman emeritus sir, It was a memorable occasion for me in my life, sharing herewith the great memories with him on my showroom inauguration, we celebrate the life of our # Hero Forever.

Bitin Batavia, Shivang Automobiles

“We were Hero Cycle Dealers in the beginning. When I went to Babuji for my Dealership interview he asked me why do I want Hero Dealership. “Tu kahe to Bajaj ki dilwa deta hu”. I said “deni hai toh Hero ki do nahi to mai jata hu” He laughed and shook my hand with so much energy I could feel it in me. Till today I believe he was just checking our intent behind working with Hero, and I am proud to say that our collaboration with Hero Motocorp has been going strong for three generations now”

Murari Lal Gupta (Priyanka Motors, Jalna)

“I remember my interview for Dealership with Babuji. After he saw our layout which had a first floor he immediately responded saying, ïf in a cloth store the owner asks me to check more collections in first floor I would not go that store again. That statement, I believe is the foundation of our Dealership”

Manoj Suchak, HM Motors, Mumbai

I met Babuji for the first time with my father during an auto expo, somewhere around 1998. In 1999 there was a similar expo at Pragati Maidan in Delhi and I was roaming around when an electric kart stopped next to me and there was Babuji. Even though he had just seen me once with my father, he took me on his ride to the Hero Honda stall and introduced me as the future of Hero in Akluj. I was astonished by the fact that he remembered and to this day I don’t forget the kindness with which he personally introduced me to all the Hero dignitaries including the Japanese

Sanmati Sonaj (Sonaj & Co, Akluj)

“In the 70’s we had this tradition of travelling to Canary caves near Mumbai with 50-60 members of our family. I cant recall which one, but I was just roaming in the nature signing some song. This was 12th of January. On 13th I was invited to Munjal house and was engaged to Babuji’s niece. Since then every day watching his stature has been a living university in my life. I have been part of the journey where the first brick was laid for Dharuhera plant to last Dealership inaugurated by Babuji in Gujarat. To this day, that man is missed in every single moment of our lives.”

Rajinder Seth (Shraddha Auto, Ahmedabad)

I was Privileged and fortunate to Meet Our Chairman Emeritus at London Conference 2010.The
love which he carries in his heart to entire Hero family including us and the So Humble Nature
makes him the Real Hero…
His Vision Shaped the 2W automobile Industry of the Nation

Mr. Sharad Goyal, Aarson Hero, Raipur

Hero MotoCorp Ltd’s Logo Unveiling
Our beloved Chairman emeritus respected Baau ji showering his blessings and his vision for the
way forward. There were many celebrities present on that day but no one was like Baau ji.

Mr. Gagan Singh, Gagan Enterprises, Morena

To the man who gave wheels to India’s dreams. A visionary, a trailblazer and a humanitarian, Dr. BML Munjal is one of the greatest Indians who ever lived. A true son of the soil and a true Hero.

Today we share our gratitude and warmest of wishes for his 100th birth anniversary. May we continue to be inspired by his legacy.

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi Team

Everyone knows Brijmohan uncle ,as we would lovingly call him, as a pioneer , visionary and a philanthropist. He was a person who could connect with people and not make them feel awkward in any ways .
In his own subtle way he was affectionate and inspiring at the same time, always ready to listen and finding solutions.
He touched the lives of many and he led by example.
To me he is an inspiration and an example that greatness can only be earned by your good deeds and good behaviour with a positive attitude.
His humility and the love and guidance we recieved from him will forever be imprinted in our minds and hearts.

Bharat Saneja

“I remember the first time Babuji met my son Chetan in 2002, the first thing he said “I apologize I couldn’t attend your wedding, I was travelling to Japan, or else I do not miss a chance to visit Gondia, we have a lot of history there. I also wrote a letter to your grandfather explaining him my predicament”. He used to share stories from his days in the 50’s, “I used to carry parts of our cycles with my brother Om and visit the dealers on cycle”. He used to name everyone and ask about them even in the latter years. When he came to Nagpur for inauguration of Grace Motors I went to him and took his blessings, he immediately inquired about my wife saying "Meri noo (daughter-in-law) nahin aayi hai". He was very happy to meet her and he introduced us to his whole family.”

Jayant Jasani (Deepak Auto, Gondia)

“During our brief interaction at an Auto Expo in 2014, just 2 years after I joined business, he expressed his pride in the new generation taking the reigns. He asked about our markets and daily business figures. He also inquired about our families, such humility in an industry stalwart is rare to witness”

"Siddhant Suchak, HM Motors, Mumbai "

On 100th birth celebrations of Shri Brij Mohan Ji, We remember the day when Shri Brij Mohan Ji inaugurated our showroom at Visakhapatnam and got an opportunity to start our journey with Hero. Recently we completed 23 successful years and entered into 24th Year. Hero gave us an opportunity for showing Splendid job with Passion and deliver to our customers with Pleasure and set the Destini path for us with Xoom speed which added Glamour to our life and taken us to Xtreme level to catch the market X”Pulse”. Hero is always Hero and without Hero we are Zero.

Sri Harsha Hero

Living the memories again of the visit of our Chairman Emeritus Dr. Brijmohan Munjal ji in Udaipur on Royal Motors and guiding us for the future preprations and giving blessing to us by his soft hand and soft voice. I will always remember this day in my life.

Anil Sisodia

This is a picture of the day when our dealership had the honour of hosting Shri Brijmohan Lall Munjal Ji and his son Shri Pawan Munjal Ji, the current Chairman of the company. They had travelled to Vadodara for some work and decided to pay us a visit.

It was a memorable occasion for us as we got to meet and talk with Shri Brijmohan Lall Ji, who could not attend the inauguration of our showroom. He blessed us and our staff with his words of wisdom and encouragement.

"Jayshree Shah Jayant Shah Kumar Automobiles"

This picture is of 14th May 1997 when Chairman Emeritus Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal Ji visited
Jaipur to inaugurate my dealership Shubham Motors.

Mr. Rajesh Akar, Shubham Hero, Jaipur

"Memories of Life Time": This picture was taken on 9th Aug 2011 at O2 arena London, when Hero Embarked on this extraordinary Journey.
What a great, grounded man. Hero forever....
Remembering him on his 100th Birth Anniversary

Gagan Guna

On the 100th birthday celebrations of Shri Brij Mohan Ji, we remember the day when Shri Brij Mohan Ji called me to Ludhiana to donate first Hero MAJESTIC to Lord Venkateswara Swamy.
It gives me great pleasure to share a special moment that I had the privilege of experiencing with Shri Brji Mohan ji during his visit to Tirupathi. On this memorable occasion, I had the incredible opportunity to drive the mobile service van alongside him. It was an honor to be in the presence of such a respected individual and to contribute in a meaningful way to his visit.
It was an unforgettable experience that reinforced my belief in the power of selfless service and compassion. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in such a meaningful endeavor, and I will cherish this memory for years to come.


This picture is of August 1985 when Chairman Emeritus Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal Ji visited
Jaipur to inaugurate my dealership Akar Motors. He even visited us when land plot was being
finalized for my dealership. He visited us many times during the entire process of dealership

Mr. Nand Kishore Akar, Akar Hero, Jaipur

Meeting Dr. Brij Mohanji Munjal Sahib was always a humbling experience. Had the fortunate opportunity to personally escort him for the Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by FADA. His humility and affection were almost divine. Still cherish the moments.

Nikunj Sanghi

Beloved Chairman Emeritus in HM2G on the occasion of receiving the International Quality Circle award (Held at Kumamoto Japan - Dec 2002) in 2003.

Puneet Aggarwal

" He was a down to earth person. He considers the associates of Hero as his family. Whenever he comes to the forum he always tries to meet the people personally."

Vineet Saxena

Happy Birthday to our beloved Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. BrijMohan Lall Munjal ji on his 100th birth anniversary

Pradeep Elenthoorathu

Brijmohanlall Munjalji - a Great Visionary with Kindness.

“Namanthi phalino vrukshaah namanthi gunino Janaah”.
Yes, a noble and virtuous person will be always humble and committed to help others.
They are like tree bowing down when they are filled with fruits.
That was our late Chairman Shree. Brijmohanlallji. I said it because I have experienced it since I was able to meet him on 18/11/1993 at his then home. During all our gatherings along with him we felt the paternal love, affection and compassion of a very responsible guardian in his speeches and approach. Still now that’s echoing as if he is with us alive.

Among few chances I had been blessed to spent in his valuable time with me was the eve of inauguration of our - India’s the then largest faced and our relocated - Dealership (EAST VENICE MOTORS, in the Venice of the East at Alleppey) in 2001 along with his better half. That’s in our everlasting memory. The general public who gathered at our function was amazed by hearing a great personality’s simple and very meaningful words.

The days he spent for a break from busy schedule at Kerala’s Kumarakom Lake Resort were following the above inaugural function of ours.

Of course, he was a visionary for our nation who will never be forgotten, not merely for a hero in Industrial development, but for his commitments in various fields of humanity also.

We salute and pay homage to Shree. Brijmohanlall Munjalji - the Great Visionary of kindness.

Namasthe 🙏

Kamal Mustafa, East Venice Hero, Alleppey

100th birth anniversary of our late chairman, Shree Brijmohanlal Munjal. This is a momentous occasion for us, as it gives us a chance to reflect on his remarkable leadership and visionary legacy. As you know, he was a driving force behind the renovation of our third process and was committed to making it more efficient and future-oriented. On this special day, let's pay tribute to his contributions and celebrate the impact he had on our organization and beyond. you know, he worked tirelessly to renovate our third process

Pushpesh Saras

Wishing our beloved Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. BrijMohan Lall Munjal ji a very Happy Birthday on his 100th birth anniversary

"Mr. Jayant Patwa, Patwa Abhikaran Pvt Ltd, Indore "

Happy Birthday to our beloved Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. BrijMohan Lall Munjal ji on his 100th birth anniversary

Mr Trilok Singh Naran, Ramdarshan Hero, Madsaur

"I would like to express my utmost admiration and gratitude for the leadership exemplified by our esteemed Chairman Emeritus, whom I had the privilege of meeting back in 2015. It was truly an honor for me to have the opportunity to meet him in person during my early days with the company. I was not only overwhelmed by the chance to see him in person, but also deeply impressed by his warm and humble demeanor. His authenticity as a leader was evident in the way he interacted with others, always projecting a genuine and approachable image".

Bhupinder Kaur Sachdev

I feel myself to be blessed to have interacted and worked under the Leadership of Our Chairman Emeritus.
He used to address us as" Maerae Pyarae Bahcho" . These 3 magical words would bring so much of energy in all of us that we used to get charged up to face whatever came our Way.

With his blessings, Hero is " World No 1" in all aspects ...Product , Service , Ethics and Values.

This pic is of year 2011, when World Cup came in HO. We all got opportunity to click pics with the same.. This is just an example .....Hero has given us opportunity to meet many celebrities ....name it ..Virat Kohli , Rahul Dravid , Hrithik Roshan , Alia Bhatt , Ranveer Kapoor....

Thank you HERO ....for everything

Jyotsna Dhawan

I am honored to reflect upon the remarkable impact our Chairman Emeritus of Hero MotoCorp has had on every aspect of my life. His profound influence and guidance have shaped my journey, both personally and professionally.

Under his visionary leadership, I have witnessed the transformative power of determination, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His inspiring vision has guided me to reach new heights, encouraging me to embrace challenges and strive for greatness.

Beyond the corporate realm, his values and principles have resonated deeply with me, shaping my character and influencing my interactions with others. His emphasis on integrity, empathy, and humility has instilled within me a strong moral compass, guiding me to make ethical decisions and treat others with respect and kindness.

Pradeep Agarwal, JMG Automobiles, Odisha

On the Joyous Occasion of Birth Centenary Celebration of our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, also fondly remembered as "Babuji" in Dealer Community, I would like to share a personal moment shared with Babuji in Gold Coast, Australia from 2006 Dealer Conference.

Babuji holds a really special place in all of our hearts, I consider myself one of the few lucky dealers who were on Babuji's speed dial at the time of festival, we still remember how his one phone call used to fill dealer community with energy and enthusiasm to do better year after year.

We thank and owe Babuji a lot for putting so much trust in us and without his trust and vision we wouldn't have been able to garner such respect in our cities and we attribute a lot of our success to his faith in us.

A heartfelt Homage to this towering personality.

Vijay Chaturvedi, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

A Memorable Encounter with Dr. BrijMohanLal Munjal: A Story of Wisdom and Connection

2007 - In the bustling transition of our Service Head Office (From Katwariya Sarai to Mezznine Floor 27,Basant Lok), I found myself outside the door, engrossed in a phone call. Suddenly, there he was—Dr. BrijMohan Munjal, Chairman Emeritus of Hero MotoCorp, descending the stairs. Overwhelmed, I greeted him. Promptly, I guided him downstairs, and as we walked, he asked if I stayed connected with my parents. His advice resonated deeply: nurturing family ties brings joy and ensures workplace happiness. With his blessings, I pledged to cherish family moments. This impactful encounter forever changed my outlook on work and personal relationships.

Ajit Jachak

I Had joined Hero Motocorp (Hero Honda that time) as GET in Engine Assembly Department of Gurgaon Plant in July'05, was leading the prestigious Scooter Project from Assembly side under the guidance of Head,Engine Assembly. Production for 1st Scooter "Pleasure" started in Dec'05 and remember Chairman made a visit to the Gurgaon plant & made it a point to visit the newly inaugurated Scooter assembly line. During the shop floor visit, he specifically asked to meet the Line Engineer & help him with the walk through of the Assembly Line. He went into the smallest of details to understand the end to end assembly process, gave valuable suggestions for improvements & appreciated the efforts put in by the team to make the project a success.His humbleness & modesty to meet the Line Engineer, patiently listen & absorb, walk the talk with valuable inputs taught me a lesson to be always grounded & assertive.

The moment of meeting, interacting with the charismatic personality was inspirational for me & stuck with me for life. Though I don't have pictures to share for the moment, the memorable experience will always be cherished as a precious one in Life !

Varun Aggarwal

There are multiple instances of my interactions with C’man emeritus. I’ll share some memories.
My first interaction was before joining Hero. I was overawed to have an opportunity to meet such a renowned industrialist. But soon he put me at ease with his affable personality. He was concerned that I was not wearing warm clothes in Delhi’s winter. The concern for people was on top of mind.
Whenever we visited the HO he would always ask his office not to keep the plant personnel waiting. He respected time of others so that they could contribute more for the organisation
During one of our visits abroad with families he would sit with the spouses, make them feel comfortable. This was his way of giving a feeling of extended family. My wife Ranjana was instrumental in my 2nd innings at hero. I recollect vividly she was in tears when she spoke during our send off in a function. The feeling of being wanted was immense due the culture developed by him.

Vikram Kasbekar

On his 100th birth anniversary, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal ji’s spirit and vision continues to inspire us in everything we do. A remarkable visionary, purposeful and passionately driven in his mission to give wheels to India, he manifested this dream for millions of people across the world. He built a legacy that will continue to transcend generations. The anecdotes and stories I hear every time I meet our wonderful dealer family brings me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve in Chairman Emeritus’s footsteps. My big regret remains that I could not serve him during his lifetime. Dr Brijmohan Lall Munjal, a true hero, our hero forever.

Ranjivjit Singh

Chairman Emeritus Shri Brijmohanlal Munjal is truly a visionary leader and a role model for many Corporates.

Specific qualities to Remember :
1. Simplicity - Down to earth leader
2. Understanding Indian Consumer needs
3. Truly adopted the Indian Business culture
4. Given the highest importance for Business through Relationship
5. Highly focused on modern technology on product and marketing

He also remembers all the dealers personally and recognizes them at every opportunity.
Easy to approach and get connected with everyone
Keep Cabin doors open for dealers at all times.
Entered Two wheeler business at his 68 age and brought to World No 1 company.

Simply a great example for everyone of us.

M K Maheswaran Sri Senthil Autos, Erode

While I regret not having the opportunity to work in the era of Chairman Emeritus, I am indeed fortunate to work with Dr Pawan Munjal who carries forward the legacy, passion and values of Chairman Emeritus.

To quote Albert Einstein - "Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us; our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life."

Chairman Emeritus lives on with us today and forever.

May you continue to bless, protect and guide us. #HeroForever

Salloni Vig

As we commemorate our centennial year, let this picture serve as a poignant reminder of Chairman Emeritus's enduring legacy. May this reignite the fire within us and drive us to carry his vision forward. Let us come together, and relive these cherished moments, celebrating the Chairman Emeritus's wisdom and unwavering dedication that have paved the way for our success.

RM Motors, Andhra Pradesh

The only word that we can say is PADMABHUSHAN .DR. SRI.BRIJIMOHANLAL MUNJAL is our " ANNADATA " for our family, today we are in this position because of our beloved GOD FATHER and Real HERO . Who is a path finder for lakhs of students and spent crores of rupees under humanitarian grounds for the poor and needy.
Our Family with all future generations, will continue to pray " ANANTA KOTI PRANAMS " to our BELOVED, BELOVED, CHAIRMAN SIR, SRI. BRIJIMOHANLAL MUNJAL forever..



D.Sai Krishna and B. Jayaram Gopal

I had association of 13 years(1993-2006) with Dr Brijmohan Lal Munjal our beloved Chairman.I have very fond memories of my working with him. He has been true source of inspiration and guiding force. It was a quite turbulent period with high sustainable growth of Hero Honda from where Hero Honda as World's largest producer of 2 wheelers never looked back.
Sadar Pranam on his 100th Birth Anniversary.

Krishna Kumar Agrawal

DR BRIJMOHAN LALL MUNJAL was always remebered for his words of wisdom and impeccable channelzed human relationship nurtured both internal and external customers led to gloryfying global coveted position the giant corporate Hero MotoCorp achieved in the auto industry .
I as proud ex employee and all my family members sincerely express our heartful gratitude to the legendary figure on this eventful centennial celebrations.
Pranams to him.

Sathyanarayan B.A., Bengaluru

He was a very caring and humble person. He always listened keenly to dealers and was eager to solve their problems. During the change in constitution in my dealership I had the opportunity to meet him and he personally called to ask me about everything and wished me well. He had a great personality. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


I never had a chance to interact with Chairman Emeritus but He is engrained in the ethos of Hero MotoCorp and that's how I connected to him.

An inspiration to the world, made it big like a true entrepreneur during times with no ecosystem enabling the start-ups. And as I chart my own journey, his value system, Grit, Tenacity, hard work and above all humility continue to remain my guiding light on every single step that I take.

Not just to the Hero Family, Our Chairman Emeritus is Hero Forever to us all Indians.

I feel blessed to have been a part of the Hero Family which got its form and soul from him.

Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal - My HERO Forever.

Naveen Chauhan

“ Generations to come would scarce belief that such a one in flesh and blood walked upon this earth!”
- Albert Einsteins words for Mahatma Gandhi

These are the words which always come in my mind when I think of Chairman Sir.
Chairman Sir was a father figure to all us dealers. His humbleness, his passion and his dedication to excel in his work has and always be an inspiration to me.

I very fondly remember this one principle he taught me which has always stuck with me, ie “Your showroom should be kept like a temple”

His presence and his demeanour was such that you never got awed by him! You always got inspired! Being the man he was, he always got the best out of everyone! That was his charisma!

He is forever immortalised in my heart!

His influence will and always go on through all the lives he has touched.

Sanju Basoor

It was December of 2006. My first business conference at this organization was in Bombay, and I traveled to Goa Cruze.
The dealers and employees had gathered and were waiting for a few moments.
When our beloved Chairman Emeritus " BOAUJEE" joined the conference, everyone gave a 5-minute standing ovation, and " BOAJEE" requested everyone to calm down.
Then he began his speech with "Mere Pyare bacho".It gives me goosebumps and makes me feel as if God is addressing and blessing us.

After attending numerous business conferences, I experienced and witnessed the aura of BOAJEE.

Rakesh Joshi

One of my memory with Chairman emeritus:
During 2.5 million celebration in HM2G, Our beloved chairman emeritus delivered a speech and some lines like ' He had clear dream in his mind what is actualised as 2.5 million vehicles in market. It was clear in his mind before the start of this great company " I really admire these lines in my heart.These words are now my biggest inspiration, I owe the hope he shared with me and it will always with me in my heart and every drop of my blood, in my whole being.

And there are many incidents when his words from stage is very close to my heart , I always cherish and inspired . Thanks from my whole being.

Kumar Girish Ranjan

The photograph captures the momentous occasion of the Sai Motors inauguration. During the event, The Chairman Emeritus invited me to occupy the chair while he stood on one side behind me. He then called my wife, who stood on the other side. The photographer, at Chairman Sab's request, captured this profound image, explaining its significance. Chairman Sab went on to say that, I am entrusted with the responsibility of leading the business, with the backing of HMCL represented by Chairman Sab on one side and the support of my family represented by my wife on the other. The impact of this incident is forever etched in my memory.

Mr. Rajan B S, Sai Motors, Bengaluru

"Chairman Saab always touched our hearts with his words. Every meeting was like a family reunion.He was happy to welcome us to his larger family.
The beauty of his soul is reflected in his smile.
His smile says it all!"

Aslam Thangal, Mega Motors,10089

To leave the world a better place!
This a philosophy that many people live by and aspire to achieve.
While I never met the charismatic Chairman Emeritus, I have heard many tales of his affection, humility, astuteness and respect for others.
Anyone who met him, is invariably in his awe forever.
That is how his legend will live forever.

Kunal Joshi
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