Corporate Governance and Sustainability
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Corporate Business Opportunities

In carrying out their duties and responsibilities, Directors and Specified employees should avoid

  • Appropriating corporate business opportunities for themselves that are discovered through the use of Company property or information or their position as Directors and Specified employees;
  • Using Company property or information, or their position as Director and Specified employees, for personal gain; and
  • Competing with the Company.
  • A corporate business opportunity is an opportunity:

  • Which is in the Company's line of business or proposed expansion or diversification;
  • Which the Company is financially able to undertake; and
  • Which may be of interest to the Company.
  • A Director and Specified employee, who learns of such a corporate business opportunity and who wishes to avail of it should disclose such opportunity to the Company's Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors determines that the Company does not have an actual or expected interest in such opportunity, then, and only then, may the Director and Specified employee avail of it, provided that the Director and Specified employee has not wrongfully utilized the Company's resources in order to acquire such opportunity.