Corporate Governance and Sustainability
Law provides voting rights to all shareholders proportionate to their holding in the Company. Hero encourages shareholders to exercise their voting rights and actively participate in decision making process. | Information to Shareholders | IEPF – Special Assistance to Senior Citizen Claimants

Insider Trading

Director and Specified employees should observe all applicable laws and regulations including the Company policies and Codes as applicable to them with respect to the purchase and sale of the Company's securities.

It is the responsibility of each Director and Specified employee to become familiar with and understand these laws, regulations, policies and codes and should seek further explanations and advice concerning their interpretation, if required.

Any waiver of or amendments to the Company's policies or Codes may be made only by the Company's Board of Directors and will be disclosed promptly as required by applicable laws and regulations including the rules of any exchange on which the Company's securities are listed or traded.

Director and Specified employees should direct questions regarding the application or interpretation of these guidelines to the Company Secretary/Compliance Officer.