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Tips to maintain your two-wheeler
during COvid-19

  1. Cover the vehicle or park in shade to protect paint and chrome parts, covering the vehicle when parked in the open will also save rubber parts from getting crusty.

  1. Keep the vehicle clean, sanitize the touch points like handle grip, leavers & control switches.

  1. Park the vehicle in main stand, it keeps the fluids in the vehicle at a balanced level and it's much safer as chances of the vehicle falling and getting damaged are much less also it help to avoid strain the tyres and spring.

  1. Try to keep the tank full.

  1. Certain parts like the chain, springs and cables are best kept lubricated at least once a week.

  1. Start the engine and leave in idle for 5 to 8 minutes twice a week to keep oil circulation inside engine parts & battery to charge.

  1. Revving up engine is essential for Battery charging based on battery health condition.

  1. Use choke for easy start if required and avoid acceleration/throttle during choke application.

  1. If you cant start vehicle twice a week, please keep the battery disconnected to avoid depletion.

  1. Keep it safe from rodents.

  1. Make sure that your tyres are not touching the ground and are properly aired up.

  1. It is also wise to take some security measures when storing your two-wheeler for a long time.
    If you have a spoke lock of a disc lock handy, make use of it.
    Also, don't leave your vehicle documents, in the vehicle.