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About GVDP

Green Charter

We at Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (HMCL) are continuously striving for synergy between environment & technologies, by providing products and services that meet the quality, performance and price aspirations of our customers. While doing so, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities.

At Hero MotoCorp environmental protection and preservation is one of the core business values. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that we can improve environmental management not only in our premises but also partner with vendors to ensure that they adopt similar environmental management strategies. Hero MotoCorp, expanding the horizons of its environmental practices, is launching a Green Vendor Development Program (GVDP) in collaboration with our business partners.

We would like our vendors to undertake the following actions & demonstrate continual improvement in their environmental performance:

  • Establish the environmental footprint of their operations.
  • Develop green management policies to promote conservation of natural resources.
  • Institutionalize an effective Compliance Management tool within the business strategy.
  • Monitor the pollution load (emissions, effluents, wastes; hazardous/ non-hazardous/other types, etc.) released in the ambient environment.
  • Set targets to reduce water, energy utilization and waste generation from the processes.
  • Improve environmental performance by adopting pollution prevention strategies.

HMCL-GVDP initiative shall help Hero MotoCorp in accomplishing its environmental aspirations through effective deployment of a monitoring mechanism and also strengthen the vendor's image as an environmentally aware and conscious organization. The program shall build a cadre of vendors with least environmental liabilities, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of the company in the supply-chain.