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About GVDP

Green Supply Chain Management

Comparative Gains

  • Consistently meet specified environmental performance criterion among the participants of the supply chain
  • Ensures more consistent corporate environmental behavior among all players in the chain of products and services
  • Greener production is leaner production-do more with less
  • Increases market acceptability and reach
  • Reduces all round liability & long-term risk
  • Improves inventory control
  • Reduces packaging costs and improves recycling & reuse
  • Improves status with regulatory agencies
  • Improves public relations and corporate image
  • Improves supplier relations and productivity
Buyers Gain Sellers Gain Mutual Gains
Multiplier effect of supplier gains Reduced production cost-resource optimization Market competitiveness
Reduced purchase costs Assured client commitment/ potential for more clients Public image
Improved image Reduced liability Improved relations-secured ties
Improved market reach Improved relations with regulatory agencies Reduced production costsgreater margins
Reduced liability Competitive advantage over others  
Greater assurance of consistent & reliable supply Improved management systems at marginal costs  
Lower cost of waste treatment    
Improved inventory control    
Elimination of unresponsive/ non-committal suppliers