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About GVDP


Most companies today face rising/growing expectations about their environmental performance from a variety of stakeholders. A growing number of companies realize that to achieve their environmental goals and satisfy stake-holders expectations, they need to look beyond their own facilities and to involve their suppliers/vendors in environmental initiatives. Leading companies also understand that customers do not always differentiate between a company and its suppliers and hold companies accountable for supplier’s environmental and labor practices. In addition many companies are working to streamline their supply base and develop more cooperative, long-term relationships with key suppliers, a practice that has fostered greater opportunities to work together on environmental issues.

The concept of the green supply/vendor chain management is to consistently meet specifies environmental performance criteria among the participants of the supply chain and also approach more consistent corporate environmental behavior among all players in the chain of products and services. Additional objective is to help the suppliers recognize the importance of environmental issues and support them in their own programs for improvements.

The Supply Chain structure & function

The concept of supply chain management is also referred to in the ISO 14001 standards under the clause “Operational Control” which specifies “establishing, implementing and maintaining procedures related to the identifiable significant environmental aspects of goods and services used by the organization and communicating applicable procedures and requirements to suppliers including contractors”. The identification of aspects and significant environmental impacts of industry’s activities, products and services would also include activities of suppliers over which industry is expected to have some influence.