Hamari Pari Programs

Empower women cops – Project Sakhi
This initiative is to empower Women in India, Project Sakhi was launched in association with the police departments of eight states. The idea is to empower women cops by providing them two-wheelers in order to increase their independent mobility. Women cops are generally dependent on their male counterparts with vehicles if they have to reach incident/accident spots or when responding to distress calls. During the year, we have given 45 scooters and motorcycles to women police force, totalling 961 scooters and motorcycles empowered 1922 women cops in eight states.

The initial outcomes say that women cops are independently responding to more distress calls from women and keeping their promise of swift action and safety. Another aspect of the programme is to make women feel safe and assured with the presence of uniformed women cops riding through the city. In due course, the project is also expected to encourage more women to join the police services.

Two-wheeler riding training – Project Ek Pahal
This is a unique project, which is focused at empowering women by enabling their independent mobility and breaking the stereotype belief in rural India that two-wheelers are only for men. The idea is to train women in riding two-wheelers so that they are not dependent on others for their commute. While the first two-wheeler training school for women was set up at Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya in Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat Haryana, the project has expanded and now training centers are operational at 11 women ITIs in Haryana and a police training school.

More than 2,700 girls have already been trained on two wheeler riding skills and many do not hesitate to borrow two-wheelers of their fathers or brothers to either ride to college or do chores – an appreciable change in the state with noteworthy sex ratio. Interestingly, employment has been the byproduct of the project. Some of the girls who learnt riding in initial batches have graduated to become instructors at the training facilities and are getting paid to do so.

Employability & livelihoods – Project Jeevika
The project focuses on providing livelihood and employability skills training to girls, women and youth as well as specially-abled individuals. Almost all beneficiaries of the project are form marginalized socioeconomic backgrounds and such skills are the first step towards making them financially independent and uplifting their standard of living.

Employability for girls & women
Most programmes focused at women include training programmes that equip them to become employable or entrepreneurs who can earn their own livelihood. The short-term courses include tailoring, beautician, hospitality and so on and include important lessons on self motivation, personal grooming and growth. We have supported skill development of more than 14,500 girls/women, more than 65 per cent of girls and women who have completed their course have obtained jobs or have become entrepreneurs with substantial monthly earnings.

There's also a certificate programme on computers wherein MS Office tools, Tally, desktop publishing and other such software are taught. Girls are keenly learning this alongside boys and many of them have already been hired for desk jobs at various organizations.

Technical skills for automotive sector
We supported multiple institutions that make our youth employable in various technical trades in automotive sector, especially the two-wheeler industry. The credible partner institutes include National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Swarna Bharat Trust and Kishore Musale charitable trust (KMCT). Vice President of India Mr M Venkaiah Naidu had inaugurated our skill center at Hyderabad while Mr Kamal Nath, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, had inaugurated our center at Chhindwara.

Skills for specially abled
Continuing with our efforts to support specially-abled individuals, we supported three institutes that focus not only on skill development for specially-abled individuals but also ensures jobs for most of them.

Supporting Beti Bachao Beti Padao
The Beti Padao, Beti Bachao message was introduced from the prime minister's office and seeing its significance, we committed to support the initiative though our CSR efforts focused at the girl child. Apart from the many programmes and activities that we run under Hamari Pari, one significant engagement was our association with the 'Selfie with Daughters' initiative of Punjab Kesari. The campaign spread awareness about gender equality via mass participation of people across India.