“Girls are the true assets of a nation. Any society will take pride in sincere and selfless efforts for their education and empowerment.”

This initiative is to recognise and celebrate the enormous potential that each young girl has, to fulfil her dreams of a brighter future. Team Hero realises that adolescence is a critical time that can determine the entire trajectory of a girl’s life. With the right care, investment and environment, she will become educated and grow into an adult who can take key decisions that will lead her to be an agent of change. With that, she can contribute to the economic growth of her community and of the society.

Hamari Pari ensures that over 1,60,000 young underprivileged adolescent girls grow up in the right conditions, with the right support and in the right environment. From fixed-deposit certificates to regular motivational sessions and guidance camps with families, our non-profit partners ensure that each beneficiary completes her primary education and goes on to live an independent and dignified life.

Furthermore, a fundamental objective of this program is to enable girls to fight the challenges that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Thus, Hamari Pari is fostering education and opportunity, and in a larger sense, ensuring a fair chance for each girl beneficiary.