Educate to empower

Towards Sustainable Planet


In an effort to meet our vision of having a greener world and bring about cumulative environmental changes, we have initiated multiple projects that promise to make our planet a happier place to inhabit—by the present as well as future generations. All projects undertaken are complementary in nature and help in mitigating environmental degradation, as also the effects of climate change and global warming.


Highlights :

2.0  Million + Tree plantation
5.0 Lakh Seed Ball Plantation
1400 + Toilet Block
3.9 Crore litre of water conserved
Aarush Project Supported 900,000 people through 100,300 +  LED bulb & more than 13,600 Solar street light
LED project helped in saving 30 Million unit  of electricity per year

  • Tree plantation Drive – Hero Green Drive

  • Environmental awareness

  • Energy Conservation
    & Solar power promotion
    – Project Aarush
  • Water Conservation

Education resources mobilisation

We all understand the significance of planting a sapling and all our planting drives are focused at increasing the green cover and mobilising masses. The major focus post planting is on survival of saplings and trees; we manage to maintain the survival rate of more than 90 per cent.

The drive also propagates planting fruit trees with free access for local communities, and has helped in sustaining rare species of plants under the guidance of environment experts that were on the verge of extinction.

Mobile Science Lab with Agastya Foundation

The need to propagate environment education is enormous in the context of successfully addressing environmental problems as it creates greater awareness in individuals and communities with respect to putting environmental resources to use even while conserving them. On the other hand, greater environmental awareness increases the scope of environmental education as a discipline as well as inclusion of aspects of it within the scope of other disciplines.

Global warming, air and water pollution, the negative implication of use of plastics and polythene, conservation of energy and fuel resources, all these are topics of current media discourse. It is under this backdrop that we focus on various media and means of communication to spread environmental awareness among the people. The electronic media and the print media are the major mediums of spreading information among the mass populace-educating them about environmental concerns and ways to address these. News features, and commercial radio spots along with radio jockeys in discussion as well as social media networks of leading dailies are increasingly used to propagate about environment conservation.

Conservation & protection of biodiversity
To strengthen protective measures in key forest areas, we are providing support in the form of motorcycles to various state forest departments. The support has improved patrolling by forest rangers to protect key wildlife habitats sheltering vital species of flora and fauna within their landscape. The support has also enabled better connectivity and increased mobility for forest staff.

Life-skills development,Remedial Classes and school enrolment

With an aim to encourage alternative and eco-friendly energy resources amongst communities, currently we are focusing on two components –promoting usage of LED lights and installation of solar streetlights in rural areas as well as solar power plants in rural schools.

Replace traditional lamps with LEDs
We replaced traditional bubs with LED lights in many households of Uttarakhand, the initiative is saving over million units of electricity per year.

Solar streetlights to save electricity and make village safe
Solar streetlighting is a technologically superior choice in areas where the electric power grid line is difficult to reach. Also, as it is off -grid, solar lighting is effectively free when compared with other street lighting options. A rural community in particular supports the idea of more solar street lights, notably to improve safety and productivity. It is under this backdrop that the company had conceptualized the solar streetlights project. Currently the project is operational in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Gujarat.

Life-skills development,Remedial Classes and school enrolment

Natural waterbodies form a very important source of water and also helps in recharging groundwater level. Lakes, ponds, canals, tanks which are built to hold water and other such waterbodies not only provide drinking water, support livelihoods and biodiversity but also control the rate of runoff and subsequently control the runoff.

However, both surface and groundwater today in India is facing huge quantity and quality threat and channelizing and holding rain water has become a necessity. Hence, restoration and conservation of natural water bodies is one of the priority areas under our CSR. Cleaning and rejuvenating ponds and building check dams and rain water harvesting facilities in schools and in villages around our areas of operations is our bit towards conserving natural waterbodies.

Project Gurujal
We have partnered with Project Guru Jal, an initiative of  Gurugram district administration, to efficiently manage all water conservation, harvesting and rechannelling projects in Gurugram, Haryana.