Happy Earth Initiatives

Happy Earth is focused at doing our bit to address environmental degradation, climate change or global warming, which is the greatest threat we have ever faced. We look at environmental degradation as one of the man-made crises that will greatly impact not only the current but future generations of humans as well as all other living species.


Global Warming is now a harsh reality. From the dense smog that smothers us to the harsh and unpredictable weather and seasonal changes, the environment is continuously changing. The wild fire in forest, eroding top soil, receding water table, homeless wildlife & polluted air is now a common phenomenon. Our survival on this planet is facing an imminent threat.

We have taken responsibility on our shoulder to reverse this trend by planting trees and ensuring survival of trees. The whole effort is going towards improving air quality and increase in green cover. The progress of tree's are being continuously monitored on regular basis for ensuring 90 per cent survival.

Few distinct events are

• The Green Drive - This initiative was launched in Delhi NCR with an aim to plant and maintain trees at parks of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Tilpath Valley (Delhi). We partnered with DDA and Times of India to plant more than 120,000 trees in August 2015. This Drive mobilized nearly 40,000 people including students of various schools, political and religious leaders, as well as citizens of Delhi. To ensure the survival of saplings, we work along with relevant organizations/individuals and volunteers.

a. Hero Green Drive 2.0

We recently achieved a historic production milestone by rolling out our 70-millionth (7 crore) two-wheeler. To celebrate this memorable feat, we have planted 70,000 saplings at three locations (Tughlakabad, Tilpath Valley and Neela Hauz) in Delhi.

b. Hero Green Drive 3.0

2.75 Lakh tree plantation done across four location Indore, Gurugram, Delhi & Chandigarh which saw participation of more than 48,000 people across all location.

c. Project Ankur - 10,000 Green Corp

First environment focused program by preparing an army of green corps comprising of 10,000 students from 100 school who would work on a massive drive of preparing Seed bank , initiate plantation drive & create awareness under part of National Green Corp to encourage parents, peers including classmate & public in general.

• Fruit Trees Plantation - We frequently organize green drives focused on planting fruit bearing trees at various locations in Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand. To involve more communities in this noble cause, we also conduct fruit tree plantation initiatives in orphanages, BSF Camp, old-age homes, government schools and other public places. We have planted more than 4.5 Lakh fruit trees. These trees are expected to bear fruits for the next 40-50 years and these fruits will be available to local communities for free.

• Protecting Bio Diversity - To enhance effortsof forest rangers who are our Hero's in protecting our biodiversity across reserved areas of country, we have given them 230 motorcycle through WWF ( World Wildlife Fund). The rangers who used to patrol on foot now cover wider areas as their mobility has increased many times.

Sanitation & Hygiene

With an aim to do our bit towards supporting Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan, we are focusing on building sanitation infrastructure especially toilets for government school children in 5 states. Over 1211 + toilets have been handed over in 146 government schools at Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Water Conservation

• Cleaning and rejuvenating ponds, check dams and building rain water harvesting facilities in schools is our bit towards conserving water. Until the end of FY 2018-19, we managed to conserve and channelize over 75 lakh litres of water.

• Support to Namami Gange - A series of awareness sessions and campaigns on cleaning and rejuvenating the River Ganga were organized to support the government's Namami Gange project. Thousands of school children were encouraged to participate in the Clean Ganga Mission.

To further create awareness about the significance of clean rivers, cycle rallies, tree plantation drives, waste management programs and musical events were also conducted.


It is aimed at encouraging alternative and eco-friendly energy resources, the project has two main components – promote usage of LEDs and installation of solar streetlights in rural hinterlands.

a) Replace traditional lamps with LEDs and skilling the community to make and repair them In continuation of our efforts to save energy and provide LED lamps in the remote villages of Uttarakhand, this FY we have replaced 57,538 conventional lamps with 7W LEDs in 13,052 households in 304 villages of KedarGhati – home to survivors of one of the worst floods that the country had witnessed.

This year, taking cue from Misraas Patti village (in district Dehradun), which became the country's first village to be fully LED lit with all households using only LED lamps, we rolled out the same initiative in more than 27 villages in Uttarakhand. Overall, 25,779 households are using 108,308 LED lights and will save over 3 crore electricity units saved per year. Another focus of the project is inclusive development and is primarily owned by the local community wherein a few women and youth from each village are trained to make and repair LED lamps. 210 locals are employed under this project and earning handsomely.

b) Solar Street Lights to save electricity and make villages safer This year, weincreased the penetration of solar street lights and installed 7,332 lights in 119 villages, taking the total to 13,597 street lights in more than 250 villages.

More than 8 lakh people are benefitting from over 794 MWh of clean energy to light up some of the remotest villages in India – some of which have received streetlight for the first time.

Awareness Campaign

Each Hero employee has taken the CSR pledge to be environmentally conscious and also encourage green and sustainable lifestyle among their families and friends. Additionally, through our portal, blogs, social media and commercial literature, we ensure that messages focusing on conservation of natural resources and adopting a sustainable lifestyle are spread among the masses.