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A Mission To Maintain High Ecological Standards

At Hero MotoCorp, we take our name very seriously. We believe in giving back to the environment just as much as we take from it. And that is why Hero has initiated various “green” steps, making it one of the most environmental friendly companies in the country. Hero MotoCorp’s vision lies in sustainable development which can only be created with a balance between nature, business and mankind.

How does Hero intend on becoming a sustainable enterprise?

Hero aims at introducing Green initiatives in all aspects of the company whether it is Production Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain (backward and forward) or even in the operations within the company.

We care for the environment

Hero MotoCorp has already invested in various Cleaner Processes to ensure minimum impact on the environment. Some of these processes include thoroughly evaluating chemicals and raw materials for their green quotient before introducing them in the production process. To ensure a low carbon footprint, Hero has, in the last few years, proactively eliminated harmful substances like

  • Asbestos
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Phenolic Substances.

In addition to this, the company also carries out production and manufacturing through Green Infrastructure which has been especially developed to reduce harmful impact on the environment.

Green Roof

Covering about 45000 sq meters, Hero's green roof helps to conserve energy by moderating the temperature on the roof and within surrounding areas. It also helps to reduce the storm water runoff volume and peak flow rate dramatically. The green roof can restore aesthetic and ecological value of open urban spaces. It addition to this, it protects conventional roofing systems by doubling the service life of the underlying waterproof membrane.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Hero ensures that sewage is biologically treated to attain efficacy. This treatment plant is designed to accommodate up to 6 hours of holding and ensuring effluent is 100% treated and recycled into soft water that is used in cooling towers.

Effluent Treatment Plant

To prevent water pollution, Hero has also invested in an Effluent Treatment Plant which is capable of treating waste water that contains degreasing chemicals, acidic/ alkaline nature, plating waste, heavy metals and waste oil that is generated out of processes. The output parameter is maintained strictly with norms to ensure that 100% treated water is recycled back into the process while the sludge is safely disposed off to a secured landfill.

Waste Food Recycling

Hero ensures hygienic disposal of municipal waste through its organic waste converter, which in turn generates manure. This waste goes through 15 minutes of treatment and is then homogenized and odor free. It is turned into compost in the next two weeks and finally is available for landscaping and greening applications.

Paint Conservation

Along with preventing water pollution, Hero MotoCorp does its very best to prevent releasing pollutants in the air as well. On an annual average, the company recycles about 120 tons of paint sludge and additives and turns it into paint primer. It also has a Solvent Recovery Machine that helps to prevent 59 Kl of volatile organic compounds from getting released into the air on a yearly basis, thus ensuring cleaner air.

Energy Conservation

In January 2011, Hero initiated the Heat Recovery from Incineration project which has helped to save 1258 tons of Co2 emissions and 16, 22, 400 units per annum. This process includes the recovery of waste heat from the incinerator through heat recovery coil. The waste heat is used for heating process water in engine component washing.

In October 2011, Hero introduced its Solar Power Project – 100 KW which has helped to save 1, 56, 000 units per annum, 121 tons of Co2 emissions and 37.96 tons on furnace oil. This is done through the solar energy that is captured by the photovoltaic cells during the day. This electrical energy is then connected to the main grid, to ensure optimum energy conservation.

In June 2012, Hero replaced its 400 ton air conditioner with a VAM chiller to reduce Co2 production and energy consumption. This machine produces chilled water by using heat from power generator sets or through heat sources such as oil, gas, hot water and steam.

Apart from these, Hero MotoCorp has also initiated other energy saving processes like

  • Substituting furnace oil with natural gas
  • Replacing aluminum alloy fans by FRP fans of cooling towers
  • Replacing copper ballast with electronic ballast in all lighting tasks
  • Introducing power saving circuits in all machine panels of engine plants
  • Installing power correction panels for loads running on state electricity for cost saving.

Oil Conservation

Hero MotoCorp has also initiated oil conservation through the installation of Chip Wringer which is capable of recovering neat cutting oil from chips that are generated from m/c operation. This has led to oil recovery of about 56 liters/ day per plant.

The company also uses on line hydraulic oil filtration system on presses which has helped in saving 1200 liters/ year.

Water Conservation

Perhaps one of the biggest initiatives taken, Hero has worked consistently hard in conserving water through Water Management, Rain Water Harvesting and ETP Recycling Plant.

Water Management- Training and Awareness is created through this process on how to develop water balance. It also includes reducing water consumption at the source and recycling it back to process applications and other beneficial applications like cooling towers and irrigation after treatment. Water management also entails recharging rain water and regular monitoring to sustain savings.

Rain Water Harvesting- Hero has also introduced a rain water harvesting scheme that includes the collection and de-silting of rain water. The company has a catchment area in plants that measures about 2, 60, 000 square meters and has a potential recharge of about 1, 32, 600 cubic meters of rain water annually.

ETP Recycling Plant- This plant introduced by Hero has a capacity of recycling approximately 1400 Kld of treated effluent daily. It uses the modern technology of reverse osmosis and ultra filtration for purifying water. The recycled water is then supplied to the paint shop with desired parameters or used as Soft water/ DM as required.

Green Supply Chain

To complete the process of sustainable development, Hero MotoCorp has also included the company's supply chain in its green processes. It has put together a “Green Dealer Development Program” at the front end and a "Green Vendor Development Program" for the backend of the supply chain. Through these programs Hero makes it partners aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Dealers and vendors are also encouraged to manage their material resources, energy resources, industrial wastes, pollution and other effluents on the basis of a number of pre-determined parameters. Hero MotoCorp supports its partners in the Green Supply Chain venture by

  • Developing required competencies
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Providing technical support

Through its Green Supply Chain, Hero MotoCorp aims at generating sufficient momentum in the industry and looks forward to the day when the entire automotive industry runs on a seamless green chain.

Green Awards and Certifications

Hero MotoCorp's Gurgaon plant has been judged the "Best Maintained Garden" for the year 2013 by the Haryana Urban development Authority. In addition to this, the company has received several certifications for its diverse environmental initiatives. These include

  • Environmental Management Systems as per ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems as per OHSAS18001
  • Quality Management Systems as per ISO-9001

Today doing our bit for protecting the environment is something that touches every heart at Hero MotoCorp and each and every employee is trying to contribute to this initiative for a cleaner, greener planet.

Green Initiatives

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