Complaint about the Service

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Re: Complaint about the Service Center

Postby borntaurus1989 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:24 pm


I own Hero Xtreme (KA 51 EK 9015) and have done few paid servicing from Nidhi Motors , Roopena Agrahara, Bengaluru and I would like to say its the worst service centre I have ever seen. Firstly, they will take all problems in a piece of paper and after that mechanics take no interest in resolving the problems. Also the team don't care to inform customers if there is any fault which has to be replaced or not. Simply they will wash vehicle , oil top up and return vehicle.

In past several months I had an issue of oil leakage from engine which I have informed everytime and till now ( atleast 4-5 servicing I gave for Nidhi motors) the issue is not resolved.
Also today morning I informed clearly that auto start is not working, they said they will look into it and while delivery, still they have not worked on the issue, first I informed the office incharge and he sent the mechanic ( obviously as he don't know the issue) and when informed the mechanic who attended my bike he went to the office incharge (as the mechanic also don't know the reason because he has not worked properly and also he is asking the person who don't know about the issue) and after coming back to tell something he is giving lame reason as battery is gone have to replace it ( expected as both the mechanic and incharge don't know what to do).

This could have been informed me when they completed battery charging and tried auto starting the vehicle and I would have asked to change battery, which they never did and to hide their mistake giving lame reason of battery replacement at the time of delivery.

This nature of people working there clearly states they don't want to work properly not give a good service and spoiling company name.

Even 1 star rating is too high for this service centre. Its high time to look into these matters.

Such an unprofessional and improper behaviour clearly shows they are not working properly and just looting the customer with fake assurances.

This is my last servicing in Nidhi Motors.
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Re: Complaint about the Service

Postby sumandey298 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:08 pm

Respected Service Manager Head,
I have CD Delux & always servicing from authorized dealer in Kharagpur, West Bengal. But my last paid service on 22.12.2017 is totally west of my money. I complain about starting problem but after service the problem is same. And the service center is don't care about that. Because the dealer is big business man so customer satisfaction is hardly mater. And the staff of job card making desk is very rude. It's unfortunate from India's no 1 bike company. My bike Reg.No. WB 36B 0807. Tell me what to do now with the problem.

Bhanu Dey.
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Hero glamour i3s - Engine make much noise

Postby manishgoel012 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:11 pm

I have purchased a glamour i3s bike on 21/Sep/ 2017 from Kanti nagar showroom Krishna nagar,delhi.A bike make a noise in between 60km/h to 65km/h speed and I complaint this problem at the time of Second service but at second service they give me the bike after 2 to 3 hour later and told me that they completly solve the problem.But when I return to home the bike make bike again after 60km/h to 65km/h speed.After few days i again go to the service center for the complaint.They again do the same thing that they do at the time of second service.So I request you to take action as fast you can.Otherwise I go for the consumer court to complaint about the matter.
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Complaint about the Service

Postby piyush100891 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:24 pm

I own a hero splendour plus (UP80DZ5019) and have done follow-up servicing only in authorized hero service centers in agra . It's unfortunate to state that, I'm thoroughly dissatisfied with the free services which is being provided by most of the hero service centers, especially nitin hero Motors, pratap pura agra. 

Each time when I give my vehicle for service, they just used to wash the vehicle and give it back to me. The average bill which I used to get for each service is approx. Rs.12000-12500 (bi-monthly service or once in 2000 kms). Two times, I had the horrible experience of vehicle stopping in the middle of the road, post-servicing. Every time when I give the vehicle for service, they used to give bill for changing engine oil, rather than topping it up. And for every second service they used to change my spark plug .

I have opted for hero since it's a reputed vehicle brand. And now I regret for my decision. and it's sad and unfortunate to state that, neither will I myself consider taking a hero bike in future, nor will recommend my friends/relatives for the same.

Piyush chaurasia
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Re: Complaint about the new maestro engine

Postby mahimajain2303 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:38 pm


I purchased Maestro in Dec 2017, From day one I am facing the issue with it.
Its self start do not work many time. Its not like only in the morning when engine is cold, even I ran 25km and if I switch off the engine and then again try to start, self start do not work.
Some times 3-4 times in one ride also. I am telling to service center every time that there is issue but no one is taking it seriously.
I never thought that I will get that worst experience with Hero.

Could you please look into the issue asap.

Dealer/ service center : Sehgal Hero, Chinchwad Pune
Vehicle number : MH14FY7380.
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Re: Complaint about BIKE

Postby tufaild » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:37 am

MY friend bought slender +(i3s self-drum-cast) bike after completing 3000 km the bike is in kutiyana showroom piston broken from inside and many many issue is in new bike what should we do should we go in grahak suraksha or u will give the solution perfect in 2 days till 27/02/2018

name :Lakhman d Modedara
reg no :gj25s0811
date of reg:27/11/2017
engine number:-****14763
contact number 9510101202
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Complaint about the Service

Postby raghavendiran » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:53 am

Hi, Myself Raghavendiran from Gudiyatham Vellore district , I have given my glamour Bike( TN-23 BK0563) for service on 28-Mar-2018 to Balaji Motors Gudiyatham , They said that few things has to be change (chain sprocket, Brake Shoe, Eng Oil). I said that all fine. Finally they gave me a invoice and asked me pay for 2700.00 including all service tax, I have paid the amount and taken my bike. on the same say i found that bike front and back break is not working properly so next day i have visited the site. The service person not providing proper answer. Also i was facing the issue with mileage and i enquired the same thing and no proper response. All their answer is everything is fine.

I lost confident with Hero Service and went to private service center and they fixed the break issue also the mileage and main thing is engine oil was never changed the time when my bike is with Balaji Motors.

In Private service center they have opened and fixed all the issue infront of me only. So finally i came to know that nothing has been taken care in Balaji Motors where as private center has it.

This information is confirmed by the Private center also. I have paid to them Rs 1500/-.

So Totally i have paid more money to Balaji Motors even though the service is not good.

Need your intervention on this and get my money back. I have all the bills with me. if you required please me know i can share with you.

Balaji Motors Bill # JCB1758
Mech Name: Mohan

if you need any clarification please feel free to reach out to me. My contact # 9345534662

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Re: Complaint about the Service

Postby shivamchoubey3 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:15 am

Shivam choubey
KAwardha (chhattisgarh)
worst service is being provided here in KAWARDHA (SARASWATI MOTORS) before servicing my maestro donot had any issue with shockab. but after service i figured out that shockab. are making noise and also labours who work there broke the front plastic body
they dont even provide the computer generated bill
they take a lot of time to service vehicle

I have opted for hero since it's a reputed vehicle brand. And now I regret for my decision. and it's sad and unfortunate to state that, neither will I myself consider taking a hero bike in future, nor will recommend my friends/relatives for the same.
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Complaint about the Service at Authorized Service Centre of

Postby » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:23 pm


I purchased a Hero Maestro (UP 27 AG 5484) From Authorized dealer of Shahjahanpur - 242001(Sumitra Motors) but I am very disappointing with the service of the vehicle. First I give my vehicle for the 4th free service at the centre where they hold by vehichle for more than two & half weeks i.e. given on 27/3/2018 & received on 15/4/2018 due unavailability of spare part but after the 2 days of service same problem arises for which I complaint. Today is 3rd day day but still the service persons not able to identify the problem, so what they check in the vehicle when it was their with them for the 18 days or they just change the oil or wash it & then handed over the vehicle to owner. After the servicing more problem also arises with vehicle.

Please take suitable action for the same otherwise I have to lock a complaint at consumer forum if it is not sorted out ASAP.

Deepak Agarwal
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Re: Complaint about the Service

Postby gokul.ctech » Fri May 04, 2018 12:39 pm

Hi Hero team,

I have given my new hero duet scooter for second service in SOUTHERN MOTORCYCLES, MEDAVAKKAM, CHENNAI-600100, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. After the service my scooter footrest was not working properly the spring action was cut inside and I have given compliant regard footrest in the management also there behaved worse and there are answer was “that mistake happened in hero production department we are not responsible for that and you want to ask in hero management”.

Within 3 months the footrest is not working properly very bad. I’m unsatisfied with HERO product and Service.

Please take necessary action to the service center or improve your product.
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