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Check for smooth operation and adjust the free play. 
Clutch adjustment may be required if the two-wheeler stalls when shifting into gear or tends to creep or if clutch slips, causing acceleration to lag behind engine speed. Normal clutch lever free play is 10-20 mm at the lever.

  • To adjust the free play, loosen the lock nut. Turn the adjusting nut to obtain the specified free play. Tighten the lock nut and check the free play.
  • Start the engine, press the clutch lever and shift into gear. Make sure the engine does not stall, and the motorcycle does not creep. Gradually release the clutch lever and open the throttle. The motorcycle should start smoothly and accelerate.

Note:Check that the clutch cable routing is correct. If proper adjustment cannot be obtained or the clutch does not work correctly, visit your Workshop of Hero Authorized Distributor or the Authorized dealer(s) of the Distributor .

Other Checks:

  • Check the clutch cable for kinks or signs of wear that could cause sticking or failure.
  • Check for clutch cable model. Use genuine clutch cable.
  • Check for clutch cable routing.
  • Beware Of Fraudulent Practices
  • Don't fall prey to frauds and scams
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