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Drive Chain

Check condition and slackness of the drive chain and adjust and lubricate if necessary.

The service life of the drive chain is dependent upon proper lubrication and adjustment. Poor maintenance can cause premature wear or damage to the drive chain and sprockets. The drive chain should be checked and lubricated as part of the pre-ride inspection. Under severe usage, or when the motorcycle is ridden in unusually dusty areas, more frequent maintenance will be necessary.


  • Turn the engine "OFF", place the motorcycle on main stand and shift the transmission to neutral. Remove cap hole (2).
  • Drive chain slack  (3) should be adjusted to allow approximately 20-30 mm vertical movement by hand. Rotate the wheel and check drive chain slack as the wheel rotates. Drive chain slack should remain constant as the wheel rotates. If the chain is slack in one section and tight in another, some links are kinked and binding. Binding can be eliminated by frequent lubrication.
  • Turn the chain to view chain lock plate (4) inside the hole. Ensure that the chain lock plate open end (5) is installed in the opposite direction of the chain rotation.
  • Inspect the sprocket teeth for wear or damage.
  • If the drive chain or sprockets are excessively worn or damaged, they should be replaced. Never use a new chain with a worn out sprockets since this will result in rapid chain wear.


  • Place the motorcycle on it’s main stand with the transmission in neutral and the ignition switch in “OFF” position.
  • Loosen the rear axle nut (1) and sleeve nut (2). Loosen the drive chain lock nut (3).
  • Turn both the adjusting nuts (4) in an equal number of turns until the correct drive chain slack is obtained. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to decrease the slack or anticlockwise to increase the slack of chain.
  • Align the chain adjuster index mark (5) with the corresponding scale graduation (6) on both the sides of the swing arm equally.
  • Tighten the rear axle nut and sleeve nut. Check the drive chain slack again.

Note: On loosening of the drive chain the chain adjuster moves towards right hand side. If drive chain slack is excessive when the rear axle is moved to the farthest limit or adjustment, the drive chain is worn out and must be replaced.

  • Turn the engine off, place the motorcycle on its main stand and shift the transmission into neutral.
  • Lubricate the drive chain by applying liberal amount of SAE – 90 oil or chain lubricant.

Regular adjustment and lubrication as per the maintenance schedule would ensure high performance and longer life.

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