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Message from the chairman, managing director and the CEO

Being a conscious corporate citizen, we are deeply committed to social and environmental issues and have strategically invested in initiatives focused at development of the country. The fundamental objectives of all our CSR programmes have been the wellbeing of the country’s citizenry and contributing meaningfully towards the conservation and protection of the environment. Our enhanced CSR investments in the last few years are being matched and justified by the scale and the impact of all our programmes. Our education-focused projects have facilitated necessary infrastructure development as well as soft interventions targeted at academic improvement, while sports and life-skills support programmes have enabled thousands of children from the economically weaker sections in villages to be at par with their privileged counterparts. The heart-warming stories of students and many appreciative notes from school principals and teachers as well community influencers are the truest testimony to the fact that we have begun the journey well.

Likewise, stories of beneficiaries of our women empowerment projects substantiate the belief that empowered women can bring about a positive socio-economic and socio-cultural change in their communities. It is a humbling realisation that hundreds of youth and women who have been skilled in various trades at our skill centres and simple opportunities we created for specially-abled individuals are bringing about a significant transformation for those who needed the encouragement as much as the helping hand.

Talking of environment, it’s a matter of pride for all of us that our actions on this front speak louder than words and claims. So, on the one hand all our manufacturing facilities as well as the entire product cycle are essentially based on the core principle of sustainable development, and on the other hand a large part of our CSR investments goes towards ameliorating the environment of our planet.

Road safety continues to be the foremost priority at Hero MotoCorp. While our entire products portfolio meets the highest safety standards possible to ensure rider protection, under CSR we invest significantly in road-safety awareness programmes and safe-riding trainings with an aim to bring more and more conscious and safety-abiding riders on Indian roads.

I am glad to state that key outcomes of evaluation as well as social returns on investments (SRoI) gained from most of our CSR programme have been way above average. The journey, though, has just begun for all of us here and there are miles of goodness to cover still.

Dr. Pawan Munjal
Chairman, MD & CEO