Environmental and Social Initiatives

Responsible now and forever

From manufacturing facilities to products, processes and
people, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Environmental efforts


Our manufacturing facilities have been designed and constructed on green building concept. Facilities such as Neemrana, Global Parts Centre (GPC), CIT Jaipur are LEED IGBC certified. These Garden Factories demonstrate our commitment to sustainability with water and energy optimisation.

Green roofs are essential for conserving energy through moderation of temperature. Additionally, it helps reduce the storm water runoff volume and peak flow rate dramatically. Altogether, our plants cover 1,16,500 sq metres of green roofs, the latest being 25,000 sq metres in FY17 at Vadodara.

Using Hydroponics technology, our plants require only 2% water. We also recycle carbon dioxide into the greenhouse, thereby enhancing the plants' photosynthesis, while the green walls generate oxygen, giving it back to the work environment. Our Neemrana and Vadodara plants are equipped with green walls.


With the long-term target of becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2030, we are consistently enhancing our renewable portfolio through solar power plants.

Cumulative Installed Solar Capacity

7.7 MW

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

` 13 lakh

Annual Savings


8,000+ tonnes of CO2


190 tonnes of CO2



  • Generated >3 lakh units of energy p.a.
  • Implemented real-time Energy Management System (EMS) improved power factor to 0.994


  • Installed 500 kWp Solar Power Plant, saving 423 Mwh p.a.
  • Implemented EMS


  • Elimination of heater and pneumatic pumps from engine oil transfer line, saved 571 kWh/day and a total of ` 10 lakh p.a.


Our commitment towards sustainability efforts to demonstrate Sustainable Plant - Sustainable Planet and Manufacturing Happiness is fulfilled by using Zero Waste to Landfill approach. In FY20, three of our plants i.e. Dharuhera, Gurgaon and Global Parts Centre, Neemrana achieved Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) Certification.

We have adopted the approach of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for the treatment or disposal of plastics used as packaging material. We are proactively working to take back equivalent quantity of plastic waste put in the market of each state through an EPR Action Plan across India. We are registered with the Central Pollution Control Board as a brand owner.


Ours manufacturing process is equipped with zero water discharge. The major water conservation measures adopted include large-scale rainwater harvesting projects that ensure water recovery and recycling and recharge of ground water. To prevent water pollution, we have also invested in an Effluent Treatment Plant which is capable of treating wastewater, which is either re-used in general activities or recycled back to processes with the help of reverse osmosis process and multi-effect evaporators, thereby reducing the freshwater dependence.

Our water sustainability strategy for future-readiness is to continue investing in Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant (STP) and creating new Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) structures at various locations to improve the ground water table. All our facilities have achieved zero discharge status.


We have a periodic systematic mechanism for environmental impact assessment as a part of the Environmental Management System Certifications of ISO – 14001. We have upgraded the Environmental Management System to the latest version of ISO 14001: 2015. Our plants are also certified for Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification of OHSAS – 18001.


Water Positivity Index of Neemrana Plant

Social efforts



Environment protection and conservation

  • 7,16,000+ trees planted in FY20, totaling 20 lakh+ saplings with 90% survival
  • 39 million+ litres of water saved
  • 32 million+ litres of water channelised in the villages of Haryana
  • 19,900+ solar streetlights installed in 225+ Gram Panchayats
  • LED lights in 330 villages saving 30 million units of electricity per year
  • 1,00,000+ people participated in taking a pledge for safe riding habits
  • 40 motorcycles donated in FY20, bringing total fleet size of forest rangers to 270


Ensure safety on road

  • 6,50,000+ youth trained on ‘Safe Driving’ across 9 safety training parks, including 1,50,000+ trained in FY20
  • 1,25,000+ Road Safety Pledges
  • Regular awareness campaigns with Road Safety Clubs in 1,150+ schools and
    ‘Be a Hero’ programme


Support underprivileged communities

  • Project Shiksha supporting 216 schools and 4,00,000+ students to build scientific temperament and lower drop out rates
  • Mobile science labs on bike, carrying models on physics, chemistry, biology benefitting 12,000+ students of government schools
  • 1,400+ toilets built in Government Schools
  • 5,000 girls trained in two-wheeler riding
  • Entrepreneurship training for 55,000 women and 5,000+ doing business
  • 7,700+ youth trained, many working now
  • 6,000+ specially-abled supported for limbs, surgery and crutches; 600+ trained to become professionals
  • 900+ youth trained at Centres of Excellence to pursue careers in automotive or manufacturing industry
  • Holistic development of villages with over 3,00,000+ beneficiaries
  • 2,500+ young athletes being supported through Khelo Hero project

Other initiatives

Project Arogya

Four mobile medical vans in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat benefiting 1,00,000+ people with basic medical treatments and 2,500+ children for preventive health check-ups

Project Seva

COVID-19 pandemic support with relief material including meals, ration kits, masks, sanitisers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits and other equipment and donation to PM CARES Fund


  • Employees volunteer for noble causes throughout the year for painting school buildings, providing food items, clothes, books and teaching aids.
  • Hero Impact League – 700+ employees participated in technology-driven CSR initiative for supporting families of the Indian Army