Strategic Priority 4

Foraying into emerging mobility

Our product philosophy is to develop a customer-focused mobility solution that provides exceptional value proposition. We are evaluating various offerings in emerging mobility opportunity, including two-wheelers and three-wheelers, telematics, charging/ swapping ecosystem and mobility as a service (MaaS).

Tenets of our electric vehicle (EV) strategy

Technology as platform to differentiate

Leadership in the belly of the market

Compelling, differentiated customer proposition

Ecosystem partnerships with ‘Frenemies’

Our foray into emerging mobility expands our current business model. We are exploring both product and service offerings with in-house R&D initiatives, internal incubator and strategic tie-ups.

Strategic tie-up approach

  • In 2016, we invested in India’s best two-wheeler EV start-up – Ather Energy. Ather, an Indian electric vehicle company, went on to launch its own product and currently has two offerings – Ather 450 and Ather 450X.
  • They have already established EV charging infrastructure in Bengaluru, Chennai and expanding to other cities.

In-house EV product approach

  • Our engineers at HTCG Germany and CIT India are developing an in-house electric product.
  • Opportunity to expand into the business of installing charging stations at our touch points.

Internal incubator

  • Developing innovative EV concepts through an internal start-up - HeroHatch. An agile start-up, with 11 driven youngsters chosen from within our teams through an exhaustive selection process.
  • This team has developed a unique modular mobility solution, now under testing for quality and commercial viability.