Strategic Priority 2

Winning in premium motorcycle and scooter segments

Premium: Anchoring the X-Story

Launched four new models in 18 months with plan to multiply the focus on the premium segment. We cover three distinct segments with XPulse 200, XPulse 200T and Xtreme 200S, built on a common platform followed by a full throttle drive to the grab the core of the market with Xtreme 160R, the fastest bike in the segment with a list of next-gen “first in the segment” technologies. Catering to performance riders and enthusiasts with the XPulse Rally Kit, road homologated (a first by an OEM), leveraging the experience of Hero MotoSports.

With seven new models in the last 18 months, the immediate focus is on fortifying these brands.


The blitz of multiple models in quick succession has given us a strong foundation to build on the success of the ‘X’ family, with a very active lifecycle and much more, followed by wider expansion.

Blitz Four new models launched in the last 18 months covering four distinct segments, a combination of horizontal and vertical expansion

Focus Continue strengthening XPulse and Xtreme families into stronger brands with active lifecycle events and much more


  • Leverage the equity of XPulse and Xtreme brands to go beyond and go across with XPulse ‘street legal’ Rally Kit. Leverage the Hero MotoSports experience and Xtracks
  • Build the ‘riding community’


  • Going further, expand the portfolio to multiple exciting upside offerings, achieving an unrivalled brand stature
  • Revamp the distribution network with ‘store-in-store’ model


XPulse 200T, India’s first 200cc Tourer motorcycle, built on the concept of Modern Tourer-Retro, it is targeted at youngsters who are seeking the right mixture of modern-retro composition and ease of ride.

Xtreme 200S built around the concept of ‘The Power of Presence’ targeted at today’s smart generation that is looking for Style, Substance and Sporty character. The bike adds to the sporty appeal with many first-in-the-segment features such as digital console with bluetooth connectivity and navigation.

FY21 launch: Xtreme 160R, built around the concept of Urban Racing, boasts of the best-in-segment acceleration with first-in-segment All-LED Package, Side-Stand engine cut-off and integrated pillion grab.

XPulse 200: 2020 Indian Motorcycle of the Year (IMOTY) XPulse 200, segment creator, straightaway caught customers' attention not just in India but across Asia and South America and soon the demand started to exceed the supply. The confidence was further reinforced with XPulse 200 bagging the coveted Indian Motorcycle of the Year award amidst very credible competition.

The XPulse 200 Rally Kit
Leveraging the experience of Hero MotoSports Team Rally at the world’s top rally races, including the Dakar Rally and building on the positioning of XPulse 200 for enthusiasts, we launched the Hero XPulse ‘Street legal’ Rally Kit. The Rally Kit transforms the XPulse 200 into a competitive purpose-built machine, enabling customers to improve their off-roading skills and test their limits.

Scooters: Growth with diversification

With the launch of three all-new scooters in the last 18 months, we now cover almost 100% of the scooter market. Each model holds a unique position and role in the business and line-up.

Build The three new launches, four models with distinct position cover the entire scooter market.

Focus Build on the recent success of 125cc and Pleasure+ in other markets with action-packed lifecycle product personality and equity enhancements.

Win On the back of build and focus, target to come out stronger in the coming years and gain momentum in the segment.

Expand Going beyond, expand with exciting offers in new segments.


Destini 125, India’s first scooter with start-stop technology launched in November 2018, became #1 brand in 125cc Scooters in many areas and strong #2 in many others. The BSVI avatar comes with LED guide-lamps, 11% higher fuel efficiency and 10% faster acceleration. This is the first product to get i3S technology in scooters.

Pleasure+ 110 launched in May 2019 with all new powerful retro avatar. The BSVI version comes with 10% faster acceleration and 10% better fuel efficiency than Pleasure BSIV. It is the #1 brand in the compact segment which has grown 150%. (July-Dec 2019 vs. July-Dec 2018)

Maestro Edge 125 launched in May 2019 with signature LED insignia has made known its unmistakable presence as India's first Fuel Injected (FI) Scooter. The BSVI refresh comes with an industry first exclusive Prismatic™ Paint technology.

Maestro Edge 125: 2020 Autocar Scooter of the Year The first scooter in India to bring F1 technology to scooters, the Maestro Edge 125 has won the 2020 Autocar Scooter of the year award.