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PUC Certification

Get Your Motorcycle Inspected

For petrol engine two - wheelers the current regulation requirement is as follows -

  • Idle CO (Carbon Monoxide) % = 3.50 % (max)
  • HC (Hydrocarbon) = 4500 ppm (max)

Vehicles which do not undergo a periodic maintenance are liable to emit exhaust gases more than the permissible limit.

Few important tips to maintain low emission levels -

  • Clean spark plug and maintain specified gap between electrodes.
  • Keep the air filter clean.
  • Get the carburetor tuned at authorized Hero workshop.
  • Do not overfill the engine oil and follow the replacement schedule.
  • Avoid use of adulterated fuel.
  • You should get the emission level certified once every 3 months at any of the authorized emission checking centers.
  • Beware Of Fraudulent Practices
  • Don't fall prey to frauds and scams
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