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The tyres that are fitted on your motorcycle are designed to match the performance capabilities of your motorcycle and provide the best combination of handling, braking, durability and comfort. To safely operate your motorcycle, the tyres must be of recommended type and size, in good condition with the adequate tread, and correctly inflated. 

Properly inflated tyres provide the best combination of handling, tread life, and riding comfort. Generally, under-inflated tyres wear unevenly, adversely affect handling, and more likely to fail from being overheated. Under inflated tyre can also cause wheel damage in rocky terrain. Over inflated tyres make your motorcycle ride more harshly, and more prone to damage from surface hazards, and wear unevenly. 

Check tyre condition and air pressure. Whenever you check the tyre air pressure, you should also examine tyre treads & sidewalls for wear, damage & foreign objects. Look for –

  • Bumps or bulges in the side of the tyre or the tread. Replace the tyre if you find any bumps or bulges.
  • Cuts, splits or cracks in the tyre. Replace the tyre if you can see fabric or cord.
  • Excessive tread wear: Also, if you hit a pothole or hard object, pull to the side of the road as soon as you safely can and carefully inspect the tyre damage.
  • Replace tyres immediately when the wear indicator appears on the tyre. The tread limit or the minimum tread depth is 1.0 mm for both front and rear tyres.
Unidirectional Tyres

Some tyres are unidirectional. That means they need to be fitted in a particular direction only. Whenever the tyre is removed and put back in case of puncture you must ensure that the arrow mark on the tyre is in the same direction as that of forward rotation of the wheel. 

Make sure the valve stem caps are secure. If necessary, install a new cap.

Over inflation / under inflation will affect the performance.

  • Operation with excessively worn tyres is hazardous and will adversely affect traction and handling and may even cause an accident.
  • Follow all instructions given in the owner's manual regarding tyre inflation and maintenance.
  • Under-inflation may results in the tyre slipping on, or tyre coming off the rim.
Tyres fitted with Tube with puncture endurance [Achiever/Xtreme/Hunk/Pleasure]

Compared with ordinary tyre tube, the Puncture Resistance Tube releases little air when punctured by a nail or other similar object. For this reason even though they remain fully inflated it is important to regularly check the tyre for embedded objects. 


The Puncture Resistance Tube is not intended to prevent tyre puncture completely. It is not effective in case of ‘L' shaped cut on the tread surface and damages or cuts in the tyre other than the tread surface.

Tyre Repair & Replacement

If a tube is punctured or damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible. A tube that is repaired may not have the same reliability as a new one, and it may fail while you are riding.

If you need to make a temporary repair by patching a tube or using an aerosol sealant, ride cautiously at reduced speed and have the tube replaced before you ride again. Each time a tube is replaced, the tyre should be carefully inspected.

When replacing a Puncture Resistance Tube, be sure to select the size appropriate for the tyre. The Puncture Resistance Tube should always be repaired or replace by your Authorized Hero MotoCorp Workshop because of its special construction.

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