Corporate Governance and Sustainability
Law provides voting rights to all shareholders proportionate to their holding in the Company. Hero encourages shareholders to exercise their voting rights and actively participate in decision making process. | Information to Shareholders | IEPF – Special Assistance to Senior Citizen Claimants

Conflicts of Interest

  • Each Director and Specified employee should endeavour to avoid having his or her private interests interfere with:
    i) the interests of the Company or
    ii)his or her ability to perform his or her duties and responsibilities objectively and effectively.
  • They should avoid receiving, or permitting members of their immediate family to receive, improper personal benefits from the company, including loans from or guarantees of obligations by the Company, except as may be provided in their employment contract.
  • They should make a full disclosure to the entire Board of any transaction or relationship that such a Director and Specified employee reasonably expects could give rise to an actual conflict of interest with the Company and seek the Board's authorization to pursue such transactions or relationships.